Curious minds have asked about the recipe for the sugar cookies I made for Valentine's day, I finally found the recipe.  I prefer the lemon juice, zest & vanilla.
Overheard: Jude innocently asked, " Is cinnamon toast in season?"
You know you have indoctrinated your kids when they ask if toast is in season.
I will explain to him, in a few years, that cinnamon and sugar are not local, in fact cinnamon comes a very, very long way.
Oh, the carbon footprint.
Jude is referring to the food wheel which graces the side of our fridge.
Speaking of carbon footprint, I listened to Mark Bittman's podcast


  1. Oh but cinnamon is so good. I can not imagine my life without it.

  2. Thelma! so glad i found your bliggity blog. some night in the near futeure i will sit and read the entire thing and catch up on my long lost friend. i can tell already we still have everything in common, down to the cupcake punch you and i both used on our kiddos handmade valentines. i too was the only mom who did this?? what is wrong with people??? dont even get me started. will email you honey. love louise. ps; you kids are darling, such cutie pies!!!!


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