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Don't forget the giveaway.
You still have time to enter and spread the word!

Valentine's recap: John and I had a breakfast date, simply my favorite meal and the timing work better for childcare.
After dining, my beloved asked if I would like stop and pick out flowers, at the flower tent at the farmer's market, I saw a man with a bunch of pussy willows and tulips.
  I knew immediately that was the bunch for me.
This photo hardly does the bouquet justice.
A bit of color on the otherwise dreary, rainy days we are having.

Speaking of color...these amazing Japanese masking tape sets from Design Within Reach have popped up here and there through out the blogworld.  
I had to get a set but I could not decide between the the darker hues or the pastels so I opted for the combo box.
I am such a consumer.
Think parcels will look lovely taped with bits of color.
Perhaps you will win the bird giveaway and receive bits of color on your parcel.

Awhile ago, my friend Alex, posted about the Sukie line. 
 A few days later I spotted this perpetual calendar and quickly snapped it up.
  A teaching tool for the kids.
Weather, day, date and month.

My final installment from the Pretty Little Things club arrived with this lovely quote attached.  
Fitting for the lovefest. 
I am sad that the Pretty Little Things club has sold out, as I loved the little parcel mixed in with the bills and credit card pre-approvals.
Bits of joy.


  1. Ohhhhh love the colored tape!!

  2. I love this tape! Leave it to the Japanese, they are super crafty :)

    And I love the calender, so cute.


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