bad news bear

Remember this classic post, after my eye surgery...
Glaucoma, a gift from my good old genetic friend Iritis.
One of my personal goals this year was to be medication free.
I know I will likely be on eye drops for the rest of my life but I am talking oral meds.
I have been on Methotrexate (currently used to control my Iritis) for about 1 1/2 years and I am anxious to be free.
My specialist has slowly begun the long, slow process of weaning me.
About 2 weeks ago I was able to drop a pill.  Yea. 
 I was counting down the months to being drug free.
It was once said, "...to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans."
Today, I had a follow up appointment at the opthamologist, I was anxious because I noticed a deep throbbing ache in my right eye and yesterday I was light sensitive.
Bad news, "the cells are active" which means I am on the way to a potential iritis flare up.  Oh, heavens.  Not again. Now I need to up meds.
This news is depressing me.
To top it off, I have been plagued with bad migraine-ish headaches of late, likely due to my lousy-good-for-nothing eyes.  
Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for my eyes, and am grateful to see, for I know the outcome could be much worse.
 Imagine how devastating it must be to lose one's vision.
To make matters worse, I was running late for my very important part time job, my heart is heavy and my head is throbbing and I need a caffeine hit.
Bad news; it is Lent and I am on a  spending hiatus but there is no time to go home to make coffee.
So, on the very first day of Lent I broke my commitment and bought a double shot latte.. technically, I used a gift card.  
I am so weak!
Tomorrow is a new day, with new aches and pains, new disappointments and new "bad news bears" but on the upside it is a new day and mercies are new everyday.
Let's lighten things up ever so slightly.
Are you a "Wow" person or a "How" person in your marriage?
I am definitely a wow.
Which, incidentally, is mom upside-down.
I have an aunt Wow.
Hi Wow...this is a shout out!


  1. Ugggh I am sorry to hear about your eyes Nicole. I see your coffee purchase as a medical necessity - balance, balance darlin' - no day is ever text book!

    I am definately or was a WOW person but find myself converting or at least thinking about the HOW part of it before I speak Ü

  2. 1. the pictures in your banner are KILLING me. I might have to stop visiting your site. don' you know it's lent?!

    2. I'm sorry about the rough days and meds and all of it. I can relate more then I would like to admit.

    3. I'm a wow. My husband is a classic how. Great site - I had never seen it before.



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