We are glued to the TV.
Eating our steel cut oats.
Chatting about Presidents.
Jude is complaining that he will be late for school.
He prefers perfect attendance.
However, I am the mom and my word (still)stands.
We will watch the inauguration and then go to school.
What a day.
This is a great day.
This is a day that the Lord has made.


  1. I didn't have steal oats but I had cereal and I was too glued to the tube. At one poitn I have one channel on in the bedroom and another on in the living room. What a moving day. What a moving speech. Now let's hope we can all move forward, as one nation with a common purpose.

  2. steel cut oats - check.
    glued to the tube with little one - check.
    late for school - check.
    day that the Lord has made. - check, check!

    love your blog, excited to have found it!

    love, Em

  3. Good job Nicole. I had the inaugration streaming live in my room (on CBC of course). My students wondered what the big deal was. I tried to explain. Then I missed the speech because my principal came into talk to me. AHHH. Moment of history gone. Maybe I will go find it online now and give it a listen while I prepare an exam.


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