the prize

There are prizes for motherhood now!
Who knew?
Apparently Jude.
(the note reads: Just a prize for the best mom!)
A tip perhaps.

Kids do say the funniest things.
Yesterday after church a good family friend said to Jude,
 "Have a great week at school.   Go for the gold!"
To which he replied, (applying his Sunday school lesson)
"Wisdom is better than gold."

isn't this the sweetest bird dish?

Another funny moment, a couple weeks ago after my sister had been to visit, the kids were discussing marriage, Delia said she wasn't getting married because when she is 16 she is going the Olympics (I think she thinks Olympics is a country!).  Jude mentioned  he would like to be the first person on Venus, "...I need to that before I get married because after you get married you need to have a discussion about which last name you will have."  Obviously he overheard a conversation about changing or not changing one's last name when one gets married. 
On the topic of funny kids/family topics you need to read my friend, Monica's blog post.  Never a dull moment over there.

The pictured dog softie was a gift for Jude's teacher.
I found it at aliceapple.
So cute, Delia wanted one too but alas we have many many unloved softies kicking around the house.

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  1. Oh goodness, it's all too sweet. I love that puppy dog you found.


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