oh the cards!

We did indeed get a few Christmas cards out for the 2008 Holiday season.  When I finally realized that we were never going to get our act together to take a family photo, I resorted to a more crafty approach involving the kids but no glue and feathers like last year.  So, Delia and I headed off to Papersource, possibly the best paper store ever!
We carefully chose a whimsy tree, muddy green ink and greyish postcard size card stock.  Ta da! The kids marked the tree with marker tips to give a "stringed light" effect. Some folk received cards, some did not,; some received baked goods, many did not; some of you received gifts, many of you did not. 
 That's the way things roll around here baby!
Next year I will plan ahead...at least take a photo.
  Last year family friends send Valentine photos of her kids,  a sweet idea.  
Maybe I could try that, hmmm.
  My sister-in-law sends out a letter/photo after the holiday madness in the new year. 

Sticking with the less messy than glue idea of stamping, yes I know I am a decade behind on that craft boom, we  created thank you postcards.  I printed out stickers that said "Thank you for..." and the kids filled in the empty spot with said gift item.
Gotta have the kids do their part.
Isn't fun to see the cards other people receive, this year within our extended family there was much discussion about cards, photos and who receive a card from whom and whom did not receive a card from that same person.  Funny. Not that it makes a lick of difference to any of us.

Wondering what to do with this years stash of non-photo cards. 
You can donate cards to St Jude's Ranch check it out
I sent a bunch of cards to them...and a few I hung into from last year.  Last years stash was in hopes of doing some sorta fabulous craft project with Jude & Delia...which, of course did not happen.

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