News from the home front:
  1. Jude lost a tooth at breakfast, I didn't even know he had a loose tooth.
  2. Lucy had her first session with the dog trainer, actually I was trained more than Lucy.  I have a lot to learn. Together me and Lucy.
  3. My sister, Sara is coming for a 5 day visit.  Which inspired me to dust, clean, de-clutter drawers and bake cookies.
  4. There is far too much local kale.  I am trying to use all the veggies in my CSA box, this week we ate the lettuce, bok choy (see above), cabbage but the kale.  Perhaps tomorrow.  Perhaps soup.  Perhaps sautéed.  Speaking of which, earlier in the week I made braised cabbage from Alice Waters "The Art of Simple Food".  Cabbage and bacon fat. The kids said they didn't want to be ungrateful but...
  5. It is far too late and my brain is blurry, as are my eyes.  Can a brain be blurry?


  1. Way to go with the unexpected tooth J!
    Dog training... ugggh... like kids it is ALWAYS about the parents :s
    Woohoo for visitors - have a blast with your Sis.
    Kale? What's that:p j/k didn't you have the pretty stuff in your front yard last year?
    Yes your brain can go blurry - try working the night shift - it gets REAL blurry!!

  2. Hello - while looking up one of your book suggestions I stumbled across another blog you might find interesting - smallworldreads.blogspot.com

  3. Have fun with Sara and give your kids hugs and kisses for me. So what wonderful thing did you do with the kale and did it involve bacon grease?


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