home brew and other goodies

My husband is finally jumping on the local food bandwagon.
Local, home brew.
What a guy!

Amber brewed right here in my kitchen.
Fermented in our bedroom and stored next to the house.
The 2 week wait time was tough but now we have home brewed beer in our fridge.
Pretty tasty stuff...not that I am an expert or anything.
As soon as our Adobe Creative Suite gets here I'll design him a label or 2.

Other homemade news.
My friend, over at Ransacked Goods, made these cookies last week so I thought I'd try my hand at it too.
You can find the recipe over at 101 Cookbooks.

They look tasty.
They are okay.
There is hope.
Next time I will add milk chocolate instead of  a 85% cocoa bar.
I added agave nectar on the second pan, which sweetened the deal but next time I think I would use sweetened coconut and perhaps maple syrup. 
Definitely a great way to use browned bananas.
If you have extra bananas kicking around you might want to try them.
Let me know if you do.
In the spirit of MLK day I must note that Delia was singing Happy Birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King in the car this morning. 
 She is enamored with him and his life, to the point of having nightmares about his assassination. 
 Last year, Jude obsessed over presidents and this year Delia is obsessing over MLK.
Where do they get their obsessiveness from?
Probably their dad.

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  1. Ooo, home brew! How fun. My dad did this when I was a kid...

    As for the kids: Obsessive? Or focused? Let's say focused. Then you can take the credit.



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