a day in the city. a day of food.

Mid morning snack at Tartine.

Bread pudding (one of my many favorites) and a morning bun (for Sara) but in good sisterly love we swapped bites.  
It goes without saying, we also washed the sweetness down with a latte.

My first trip to Tartine, although it has been on my to-do list for years.
I will go again.
Care to join me?

A quick stop at Flax and then off to the Ferry Building for some more food love.
I think the Ferry Building is Foodie heaven on earth.

Although we were not hungry I had to treat Sara to a macaroon.
Divine. Miette.

Back to the Mission district (our first trip there was too early for most of the shops).
On the list of places to pop into "826 Valencia

All that browsing and trudging made us hungry.

Belgian style fries with sparkling water.
Pretending we were in Europe.

Back on the home front I had all intentions of making lentil soup but alas I made brussel sprouts (cooked with bacon and therefore bacon fat...super tasty),  creamy polenta (basically polenta with cream cheese) and salad. Not everyone's favorite but if  I am cooking then I get to choose the menu!
A food diary with far too many points to count.


  1. Mmm Tartine. My to do this year is to eat my way through the Mission. I love all the yummy food there. A croissant from Tartine follow by ice cream from Bi-Rite, how about that for an afternoon?

  2. Have fun sisters!

  3. Oh yummy - Well it looks like you gals are having a lot of fun together and that's what is important Ü

    Save me a seat at Tartine!

  4. Oh, now I DEFINITELY have to come visit!

  5. Yum! Beautiful photos. I have never seen Brussel sprouts looks so appetizing!

  6. Yum! I think you home made dinner looked as wonderful as all the rest! Makes me want to stop by for dinner one day!


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