Chinese New Year

We are not Chinese but we love a reason to celebrate a holiday.
Delia had a celebration at school and kept saying,
"Bok choy, Bok choy!"
She said she ate bok choy...which is odd since when I make bok choy she is not interested in eating it (although she must have 3 bites) and I thought bok choy would be an odd snack for kindergarten children.
But, what do I know.
I think she meant to say "Gung Hay Fat Choy".
I think.
I could be wrong.
Sometimes Delia misses the little things, part of life as a deaf child.
We try to help her fill in the missing pieces but usually she wants to argue with us, insisting she can hear everything with her implant.
So, we celebrated Chinese New Year as a family.
We ate American Chinese food...sesame chicken, fried rice and such.

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  1. tell her I can hear and i get stuff wrong ALL the time! ;) she did good bok choy is Chinese!


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