tying up the loose ends of 2008

December's "pretty little things club" packet.

Somehow, every year as the year comes to a close,
 I am reminded of all the things I did not do in that year. 
 The goals yet to accomplish and the to do lists left incomplete.
This year I decided to focus on the the things I did do. 
The places I visited.  The people I met and the to-do's that got crossed off the list.
The next few days will be a focus on those things.
Bear with me as I bring 2008 to a close and welcome all the goodness of a new year.

On an unrelated note...last week we went to the California Academy of Sciences .
The big reopen happened this fall, although it is very cool and eco-friendly I found the experience a little underwhelming in content and completely overwhelming with hordes of people.  The "live" roof is pretty amazing.

A random SF street corner.
Same name as my son.
Not so random.

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  1. We are adopting a little boy (we think) from Thailand, and Judah is one of our top names in the running.


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