a tree...

a photo from Christmas past: photographer; john
We have a tree.
John & Jude picked one up today.
Currently, the tree is sitting in a bucket of water, propped up against a bookcase waiting to be adorned.
Tomorrow's task or perhaps Monday.
One day at a time.
I am, however, feeling a bit more Christmasy.
We are watching "Family Man"...a great classic Christmas movie around here.
I almost completed a wreath I am making and I worked on other handmade gifts.
I still hope to bake, sew and mail parcels next week.
Perhaps, even Christmas cards will be sent out...if an appropriate photo is taken.
It is  beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Poor Delia, she just put it together tonight that we are not heading north to her beloved Nan's house for Christmas.  A great sadness settled over her, until the tree arrived.
More on Christmasy stuff another time.


  1. I look forward to your film list Nicole. I also enjoy "The Family Man". Your blog is beautiful!

  2. Ahhhh the beloved Cordelia!
    We wish she could be here for Christmas - I miss you all terribly too! xoxox

  3. No Canadian Christmas!! That is sad. We will miss spending time with you all at your mother's house. That was an awesome Christmas last year - chaotic but awesome.


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