Santa was good to me!

Somehow in the flurry of Christmas Eve and Day I took a mere 4 photos, all which were blurry...this is the least blurry.
The tree on Christmas morning with all the goodies piled below.
Santa was very good to me, not really Santa but the folk around me who love me.
I feel the love. 
Watch out world, I have a new dutch oven, whip creamer, micro planer (all which were on my unofficial unwritten list!) and an Anthrolpologie gift card or 2.
I/we feel truly blessed, our family was totally spoiled.
Thank you everyone.

A couple of days before Christmas a mystery package arrived on our doorstep.
A Williams & Sonoma gift. 
 Ebelskiver pan & mix.

What is an Ebelskiver?
Funny you should ask.
Filled puffed pancakes, apparently a danish holiday treat.

Super tasty.
On a related note, the kids were so excited this year with the giving aspect of Christmas. They bubbled with joy in anticipation when someone opened a gift they choose.  Such fun.


  1. christmas looks lovely in your home.
    happy new year.
    say hi to your dear family.
    lovingly jayne
    p.s haylee is pregnant
    p.s#2 david's wife is also pregnant


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