more snapshots

Just a few more snapshots into my 3 week blog absence.

The second installment ... so fun to receive an unexpected packet in the mail.
Even if I did pay for it, still is a surprise.
3 faux moustaches, how fun.

A small harvest of potatoes from my backyard garden.
Super tasty.  
Note to self: plant more potatoes next year.
Oh, and get a bigger garden plot.

I purchased, wrapped and shipped an ornament for the swap.
oops forgot to take a pic of what was in the box...chocolate and a ornament!

Snacked on the fruit of the season and the best pastry of all time...
a morning bun...although it was eaten in the afternoon and shared with the kiddos.

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  1. Welcome back! I love to sneak peaks into your world. :)


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