more cheerless blather

See how bare my walls are?
I cleared  many of the shelf surfaces of our home.
Kinda like a spring cleaning but in December.

Trying my hand at Pizzelle's.  
Perhaps the Christmas cookie of the season.
We will see.
I was a bit disappointed with the first batch.  
I used anise extract instead of anise seeds.
A trial batch.  
Last night, I tried making baked cake donuts but again,
 a bit disappointed in the trial run.  
More on that another day...when they turn out.

Some random tchotchkes waiting to be placed either on the non existent tree, in a wintery display scene or in the cupboard for future decor opportunities.

I did however, in a vain attempt to "get in the spirit", order these snowballs from BethanyActually.
 Cozy and delightful and of course handmade.
Unlike the cold handmade snowballs of my youth.
Speaking if snow, we have a great picture book "Snow", check it out at your local library or swing by for a look-see.  
I do miss snow, yet am grateful I am not hauling kids to and from school, in and out of snowsuits. 
 Our annual trip to the snow is just enough, thank you very much!

The other day I received my ornament from the swap.
So shiny and glittery.
The rustic angel is a fridge magnet.
Speaking of fridges, I cleared all the magnetic words, children's artwork and accumulated photos off the front of it.
 Another vain attempt to create "open" spaces in our cramped quarters.
I am trying to slowly get my groove on.  
Maybe buying a tree would help.
Okay it would help.

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