Merry and Bright

A few photos from around the house as the merriment begins...or continues.
Last evening ,we attended the Holiday Program at the kids school and today was the last day of school until 2009.
Which meant both kiddos had "holiday" parties in their classrooms.
We are filled with "sugary junk" and are ready for next weeks festivities.

The mini winter scene...at kid height with mostly paper village homes (a la Martha 2007) and plastic animals to move about.  I squeezed the village into a bookcase shelf.
The larger "winter" scene is being created on the piano top. 
 Stay tuned for photos of that village.

I spent the morning rolling and cutting sugar dough for class parties, friends and neighbors. Sugar cookies and peppermint bark. Check, check off the list.
  Tomorrow, I hope to whip up a batch of pizelle's and then the baking is ready to be delivered to hither and yon.

Visions of sugar cookies.

This year I also tried my hand at making a wreath, inspired by Starbucks holiday decor and various "knitter's" wreathes I have seen online.
Pretty simple stuff actually, just Styrofoam balls wrapped in different textured and colored yarn, hot glue the balls of yarn to a wreath frame and add glass ornaments.
I want to add a few more small balls of yarn to balance the right side but I thought I ought to get the dang thing up on the door before Christmas and then I can fiddle.
It feels great to cross off items from my mental Christmas to-do list.
I am trying to stop and enjoy the season.
The sights, the smells, the sounds, the songs and the stories.

May your days be filled with the true spirit of Christmas.


  1. Ohhhh love the wreath! Your house is looking very festive!

    I keep meaning to tell you - one of the Seniors on Kait's hockey team has a BTE! She was all excited because she knew all about it due to your wonderful explanation one special day Ü

  2. That winter scape is too cute. All our holiday decor is at shoulder height this year. Not too pretty.

  3. I KNEW you would love those wreaths at Starbuck's! I actually asked if I could buy one for you, but they denied me...


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