In the spirit

Lucy is in the holiday spirit, well her dog bed-cushion thing is.
I am having a tough time getting into Christmas mode.
 Surprising for me, since in a normal year I start planning for Christmas in March and spend the year scheming of the perfect gifts, cards to make and traditions to continue or begin.
This year, I am a wee bit behind.
If, you are waiting for a handmade gift,  a carefully planned Christmas card or an invite to a cookie exchange party, then you better wait another year.

I am trying, in my own little way.
I finally got the Christmas books out and slid the "autumn" ones back on the shelf.
I am listening to holiday music as I type .  
I cleared space on bookcases, ledges, piano tops and various other nooks to decorate.  Alas, those sacred spots remain empty.
The advent calendars are still stashed up in the attic.
But it is only Dec 4th so I do have time to get my Christmas groove on.

This year I tried to talk my family into either no tree, or a table top tree or a tinsel tree but it seems I have been voted off the Bah Humbug Island.
I know Lucy will wreak havoc on the tree. Agh.
Okay, maybe I should go bake some sugar cookies and blast some tunes.

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  1. Wow, no tree... I can't say that's something I would expect to hear (read rather) from you. I wonder where you Christmas spirit has gone? Maybe its just stuck under something heavy?

    You love this holiday. You love your wooden or silver ornaments, planning how you'll decorate the tree, what gift you plan to make, what gift you hope to receive.

    I know you have a puppy and they bring a whole new level of worry and mess, but it's still Christmas and you should continue to enjoy and back in its holiday loveliness as you have always done.


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