I have some control issues.

Shocking, I know.
The first step is recognizing your issues, isn't it?
Still, I do have a wee control problem when it comes to Christmas decor.

I always want it just so...
my way or the highway.
 I also want to involve the children because I want them to experience the true joy of Christmas...the decorating, the giving, the creating, and the joyful chaos of it all.
I want them to enjoy sitting in front of the tree,
 clad in pj's snuggled under a blanket,
 over a floor heater beholding the wonder of a lit tree,
 in the wee dark hours of the morning...6 am-ish.

This year, we also have a giant 40lb puppy in the mix and a fearful cat.
This mix can only bring chaos to any home.
This year, as in years past,  the kids have their own mini tree in their rooms...which they get to decorate themselves...with ornaments I designate!
This eliminates having Disney princesses hanging from the "family" tree, which in my controlled world, MUST be coordinated, simple and JUST THE WAY I WANT IT!
See, a control issue.

White lights (are the other  colors??!!) with silver snowflakes, stars and red birds.
This year, we went with a smaller tree, in our smallish living room.
In my opinion, ever so humble, a bit of loveliness midst the havoc.
Things are merry and bright.
I am still working on a "winter scene"  on the piano top.
A work in progress.  

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