Happy New Year!

Today I went on a date or two with my beloved husband, we got a sitter and everything.
Guess where we went?
Used car dealerships.  How romantic!
We are in pursuit of an new-to-us car.
We now have a soon to be giant dog, 2 kids and the love of road trips.
We are out growing our current car (s). 
So off we went to look at minivans.
We are having a tough time with purchasing a mini van for a couple of reasons:
1. the nice ones are way out of our price range
2. we are snobs and still want to remain cool (minivans can be cool but not when all you can afford is a white ford 2005 van!)

we did not buy this!

We like smallish  suv's (we like the 3rd row seating) but don't want to pay out the nose for gas. Having said that, we stumbled across the above beauty.
  NOT a minivan and not a SUV per se.  I think they are called crossover vehicles. 
 The Chrysler Pacifica. (see above photo)

We saw (the 1st car we saw on the lot). We test drove.We prayed.  We checked other dealerships for vans/crossovers.  We researched online. We discussed.  We drove 50 miles to look at a cheaper version (and got terrible service...a formal complaint to be made tomorrow!).  We resisted. We prayed.  We discussed.
We will do more research and wait for the right deal and the right trade-in price for our Camry. I mention all this because John & I are super impulsive, spur of the moment kinda people and when 2 people of such decision making strategies get together only chaos can ensue. 
 This is a big deal... we are trying to be patient even though we really want the first and above car. Ack!
Enough said.
Happy New Year!
Farewell 2008!
Hello 2009!

Looking back on last year's "Hello 2008" post I can see I did not complete my list. 
 But hey, that is what a new year is for.
Just like God's mercies are new every morning, I figure they are new every year.
Last Year's post:

What will 2008 hold for me? I have an idea or two of goals I want to accomplish and plans I wish to see through such as...

  • memorize 25 bible verses/portions  Okay only 3!  I'll try again.
  • master bread making Tried, enjoyed, conquered but cheated without kneading.  Ongoing goal.
  • learn a new craft...Gocco perhaps? Not gocco but made lip balm and did a bunch of sewing and bought lots of new craft supplies!
  • battle the bulge...an ongoing yearly goal  Lost 15 lbs but still battling.
  • kick Iritis's a** Wahoo! Iritis free for over a year but still medicated!
  • travel to Prague Check!
  • hike the 5 highest "hills" in the bay area Back on the list for next year!  Anyone want to hike with me?
  • learn to keep my "inbox" clean; documents cleaned up and take control of my "bookmarks"...seriously folks it is out of control Semi under control.  Inbox: check
  • pursue a simple, less cluttered, less consumer driven lifestyle Can this be a life long goal?
    adopt a more grateful heart Lord, please help me!
Additional goals for 2009

  1. Train Lucy
  2. memorize more bible verses
  3. Lose 10 lbs
  4. get website up and running
  5. read more with kids
  6. eat local
  7. buy a new-to-us car
  8. buy a house
  9. have more patience
  10. live in the moment
  11. give to those in need as I see the need
  12. be the best I can be with God's help
What are your goals for next year?  How did you do on last year's goals?  
Don't be hard on yourself...we are only human and therefore weak!


  1. Ohhh, love the car - a friend has one and loves it too Ü

    Your goals seem very obtainable I like that Ü

    Hugs and Happy New Year to you all!

  2. Happy New Year Nicole!
    I have really enjoyed all of your holiday posts. I am going to make a list of some book ideas from the books you read. Your travel photos are inspiring me to make some travel plans! Have a sweet 2009. =)

  3. Let me know when you want to going hiking... I'm in.

  4. Ah, the car shopping date! Have done that many times, and then once we bought one we missed the car shopping dates...so we decided to shop for a truck! I'm a fan of the pacifica.


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