A dream job, almost.

A few days ago, the Chronicle posted my (almost) dream job.  
When I was a novel reading teenager I had high hopes of becoming:
A) a mom (check)
B) a marine biologist (thanks to Madeline L'Engle)
C) a lighthouse keeper (? I grew up on the prairies/plains of Canada not a lighthouse in       sight...just one...the clang of cousins)
D) B & B owner (still on the life to do list)

When I saw this article I thought, great let's do it.  
However, no coast guard license and the island does not seem to have access to the world wide web, which clearly I need. Oh, and a garden.

Later, I was talking to my sister and she was telling me about a "help wanted" post. Intriguing, however, I can not pump out numerous posts a day about home decor and the such. I can read them though.
  I will stick with the "family hardware store", mom, wife and school volunteer gig.  
Unless, Anthropologie comes knocking.
Or opportunity.


  1. If I lived in San Fransisco, I'd TOTALLY do that blog! I don't think Apartment Therapy has much interest in Boise. For good reason.


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