bits of today and yesterday

My morning snack.
Toasted California Black Bread with chocolate hazelnut spread served with chai.
The chai concentrate was made by my friend Kelli.
Gotta love snack time...especially when you do not have to share!

Yesterday, the kitchen was transformed into a craft room with paint and glitter galore.
Top secret stuff.
Only elves may enter.
Actually, the kitchen still looks like a messy craft room with projects scattered here and there in varying states of completion.

Little elf fingers.

My first Christmas gift. (for the family)
Hand delivered.
Limoncello and gingersnaps.

Look what the attached note said, " to get you in the mood for the holidays!"
I am starting to get in the mood. 
 Last night, I watched "Little Women" while I painted and glittered.
A couple of days ago, I wandered through Smith & Hawkin and the holiday decor sparked a festive note within my soul.  If only I could afford Smith & Hawkin decor!
Today a mixed up a batch of sugar cookie dough. 
Tomorrow we will have a cookie-fest with friends...pure madness, thankfully not at my house.
It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Oh, and Jude was in his first piano recital on Sunday...lots of Christmas music.

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  1. little women and christmas... sigh.... :) i love the scene with all four of them caroling down the lane... oh, and then the orange - thee one orange that they have to give away... yes, little women and christmas....
    sigh, sigh, sigh...


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