I'm back

I am back in blogland.
After a much needed break.
I have about a million things to share.
I suspect I will be slow getting back into the groove.
above photo: the last harvest of my summer garden

Let's talk turkey.
We spent Thanksgiving day with John's family.
A beautiful weather, food filled ,game playing day.
For most.
For yours truly, it was a day of sickness.
Head cold.
And a wee bit of unpleasantness.
Every year at this time of year I am sick with some sorta something.
I am trying to rest as I watch a favorite movie.
Happy Weekend.

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  1. Welcome back Nik - I have missed the updates on your family!
    Sorry you were ill for your Thanksgiving...I am home myself today with my regular cold/sinus thing. It has to go away! - Christmas production is next weekend! g


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