where nicole gets things accomplished

1.)  Dog tag for Lucy-loo.
A big shout out to Ed and his tools!

2.) Pumpkin seeds compliments of the carving party.
A big shout out to everyone who willing gave!

3.) Toasted said seeds with oodles of sea salt and cinnamon.  Yum.
Another big shout out to those of you who shared your pumpkin guts...
swing by for a snack!

4.)  Sorted, filed, organized 1000's of recipes.
As a side note, I have been collecting recipes (separate from cookbooks) for years.
The mass had gotten out of control, which is now scaled down to 3 binders.
I sent about 2/3 of them to the recycle bin.

Nicely organized behind page protectors.
Feels great to get this project behind me, since it has been floating around the house for a bout 6 months!

5.)  Placed extra fabric into side dresser drawers and FINALLY moved the hideous gigantic Rubbermaid tote from the living room to the attic.
Another shout out to Ed for the tote and to Alex and Denise for taking some of my extra fabric...helping me to downsize!

6.)  Finished Jude's leopard costume.
A HUGE shout out to Denise, who essentially cut and sewed the entire thing.  
I went to her sewing cottage and magic happened.
 Jude's costume flew through the serger and Delia's 'arms" were sewn and stuffed.

7.) Planned this week's meals...all which involve a wee bit of preplanning.
A big shout out to my CSA.

8.) Read the paper, went for a walk, sat on the sofa watching TV, ate pizza for lunch, played with the dog and snuggled my daughter.
A big shout out to my family.


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  1. Alright, can you come over and make all that stuff happen at my house?


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