Saturday excitement

A puppy has crossed our path.
Negotiations are in progress.

But puppies don't stay puppies forever.

But those big ol' paws and wrinkly fur sure do grab a gal's heart.
Big and little.
Delia is in full on pleading mode.
She promises to clean up the poop and pee...she promised Jude!
Denise and family are getting the puppy in the photo below and "Dot" (above) is in need of a home. We spent a couple hours playing with the puppies.
Playing, hugging, loving and wishing.

Oh, what are we to do?
The pups are purebred American Bulldogs.


  1. Oh my oh my oh my! Adorable! Some little girls down the street have one of those and they love him.

    Petra is 1/2 American bulldog and 1/2 something else that is huge. :) The puppies share a similar look but now Petra seems huge compared to the little pups in these photos!

    A pup is a huge responsibility both in effort and finances! (I say that because we just got back from BOTH the vet- third set of shots and also the trainer- first obedience class!

  2. If you can say no to those eyes and that smile, then you are a stronger woman than me. Which is why I maintain a safe distance from puppies.

  3. How exciting, I know you've wanted this for awhile N Ü Dels he/she looks like a perfect fit!!

  4. Dels is so cute holding that puppy. I can't believe that she is growing up so fast. Love hearing about your crafty and unique kids.


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