One of those Thursdays

Today started with a very tired and weary mother, me, yelling at the kids.
"If you spill the cereal all over the place then you can not have cereal for 2 days!!"
The words, barely out of my mouth, and I can hear toasted o's scattering across the tabletop.
Might I add, I was still in bed, willing myself into another life...the kind of life where I can sleep until 7:30 am without being disturbed 18 times. I have morning children, of the 6:23 variety. My mom reassured Jude that, I too, was an early riser as a child.
Ah, the apple doesn't fall from the tree, surely, I did not spill my cereal EVERY morning, did I?
Now I have to make breakfast for the next 2 mornings to stay true to my word!

To kick my morning grumpy pants mood I went shopping...
after I took the kids to school, of course.
Word on the street was, Walmart now carries a Martha Stewart craft line, so I thought I would check it out.
Normally, I am opposed to Walmart and never shop there.
They sell guns and move into small town areas and run the mom-and-pop shops out of town and so on and so forth.
Turns out, I was fairly unimpressed by the line of crafts.
They were fine, nice and such but I was grumpy and didn't need anything.
Oh, such restraint.
I needed coffee and Macy's.
See above photo for my new purse, which was 40% off.
Oh, and a pair of new jeans.
I returned home in a much better mood.
Then UPS stopped by with a package.
A new cookbook.
"The River Cottage Family Cookbook"

A few minutes later, when I stopped watching soaps and eating bon bons,like all SAHM's do,
I pulled out Wii Fit.
Hello, old friend.
Today's Wii fit age :37.
Not bad...for me.

By the afternoon, when I had a houseful of kids (mine plus 2) I hit productive mode, busy getting all sorts of little tasks taken care of...re-hanging a shower curtain, finishing overdue thank you notes, folding laundry and so forth.
Then the new highlight of our Thursday arrived.
Our CSA box.

Yummy local organic goodies.
I see a pear tart, BLT meal and frozen grapes in our future.

I really do need to go to bed much earlier so I don't wake up so grumpy.
So on that note...


  1. I'm intrigued by the CSA box. Is it delivered to you? Does it cost a lot? Such pretty photos, as usual. I wish we lived closer to go to coffee and macy's together! (Though I have a few more years before I can have some kid-free coffee breaks.)


  2. I seem to remember a certain young woman boisterously waking everone from a deep sleep on a cold christmas morning and being met with less-than-seasonal-enthusiasm....times do change!

  3. Ooo I've been wanting to try a CSA box! My friend gets them and raves about the interesting produce she gets each month.

  4. Yummm, that box look so inviting and delicious!
    Better than the boxes of organic stuff we used to get.

    I am with you there on the mornings, I am off to bed!


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