Just like these photos, life has been a wee bit mixed up.
  For some reason the photos uploaded in the opposite order than they usually do, since we converted to the Mac world I have been a wee bit mixed up on moving photos around within the blog post.  
Certainly, I could figure this out but since time is of the essence I will just highlight the weekend and the madness of last week.
I am also open to any tips...besides moving to Wordpress...I hear you Brenda!

We ended the week by attending a pumpkin carving party, one of many yearly traditions...like sewing costumes, Halloween candy fairies and annual pumpkin patch photo shoots...the latter of which is not likely to happen in 2008.
In the midst of mayhem around here last week only half of us actually picked a pumpkin at a patch...via a field trip.  
(Just to clarify last weeks post, I know I am not a failure but there are days that I FEEL like I am dropping all my balls, and I think I should have dropped "being a field trip parent" in lieu of a few hours to myself so that I didn't stumble all over the other parts of my so called life. Perhaps I will share more about the field trip on another day!)
The one fourth stopped en route to the party and the other fourth relied on his Grandma E.  (Thank you!)

Mid carve.
The boy, who ate a grub last week, 
will not stick his hands into the guts of a pumpkin this week.
Go figure!

On the other hand, the gal of our family seemed to miss the carving part of years past, as she thought, just like art projects and picture books, one just colored a face on the pumpkin using a black marker.  
Boy, oh boy, was she surprised when we let her use sharp tools to cut into her pumpkin.  
For the record, she didn't mind the guts, she happily helped other folk scoop out their pumpkin innards.

Last week was  a horrible, over filled, stressed out week.
Yesterday, I was a super grumpy.
Then, my brother-in-law brought me flowers and our families ate greasy Asian fusion food together, I took a walk with my sil and had a good night rest.
  Today is the beginning of a new week.
Not too many commitments.
Only Halloween.
Did I mention that I have YET to sew the promised costumes?
I wish I could just give in and say "Sure you can be a power ranger!" and head over to my local Target and call it good. 
 But I can't.  
Not yet.  
Not this year.

So far this week is looking good, although it is on;y Monday!
I finally shopped for groceries, sat with a friend on her back porch and drank coffee and another friend gave me soup for a meal this week.
See, already things are better.
However, there is no time like the present to get those costumes together.
One leopard and one spider outfit coming to a blog post soon.


  1. To the boy who ate a grub - I've done a lot of disgusting things, but I don't much like cleaning the guts out of a pumpkin either!

  2. heh heh heheh, said Brenda. I'll be here for you when you are ready. :)

  3. I will be waiting with baited breath for Halloween costume pics. I am going as a mad scientist again. It looks oddly like myself. Wahaha.


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