If you have about 15 spare minutes, take a listen.


  1. N I am afraid it "is" true in some situations! God made each one of us individuals different. To expect children who are all fed the exact same information and in the exact same manner to ALL thrive, flourish and learn is crazy! I am living proof! Within my own children are 3 individuals with COMPLETELY different learning styles and yet they are all forced to learn in the same atmosphere and all are graded on the same scale! C has a completely brilliant and creative mind when you talk to him you'd think he was a genius in school, but actually is failing according to the schools system of teaching. No if's and's or but's! His creativity and thus his spirit is absolutely squelched because he cannot learn by sitting at a desk within 4 walls of a heated room. It's just not him!

  2. I should add in here "teacher of the year" Mr I Ü. I KNOW what you are faced with each day and I know the criteria of skills you are required to give these children on a daily basis and within a certain time frame so am in NO WAY bashing teachers (I truely applaud all of you and think you are amazing people). What I am saying is that this format is not for all and there are not many "acceptable and resonable" options.
    Oh we could talk all day on this subject N!! Ü

  3. Ok I had to go and listen again Nicole and ya know this time it made me cry. My boys and I totally fit this mold!

  4. i love ted talks
    listened to this one in the past - worth the time


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