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'tis the season for winter squash...

and pumpkin gnocchi.
No actual photos of the finished meal, but imagine, if you will, oven roasted squash, carrots and sweet potato served with  sage-brown-butter sauce drizzled gnocchi.

Yep, I saved the best for last.
We are now a dog family.
A family of 2 parents, 2 kids, 2 pets (Jose the cat and a dog) and 2 fish.
She is the "top" dog.

Her birth name is Dottie.
She responds to Dot.
Delia calls her Dottie.
John would prefer Deuce.
We have an Aunt Dottie.
As for the official name...stay tuned.
Oh, and yes we are a wee bit crazy.


  1. Sounds like your dinner turned out better than mine. We can't wait to come over for some puppy snuggles!!

  2. This is so exciting! What an adorable little pup!!
    Your dinner is making my mouth water! Could you send me the recipe?
    I am dying to taste it!

  3. aah, she caved ....and the puppy has esconced itself in the family!

  4. Oh my gosh what an adorable puppy!!! Sounds like she fits right in. =)

  5. So cute! All these new puppies are almost making me want another puppy! And then I come home to destroyed tupperware... Good luck!

  6. I'm so happy Lucy (AKA DOTTY) is fitting in and you are all happy.
    I look forward to seeing more pictures!!



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