changing the pace

The pace of puppies is fast but the pace of this pack leader is slow.
I am trying to stay on top of all the regular day in and day out goings around here.
However, Lucy demands a lot of attention when she is up and playing, so some of the extra stuff is falling by the wayside.  
I suppose I could start letting a few things go...but quite frankly I can't.
I try but I have too many little OCD issues about cleanliness and such.
Everyday we are getting more and more into the swing of things.
I am looking forward to long morning walks!
All that said, yesterday I served my family the yummiest spaghetti EVER.
If I do say so myself.
The recipe was adapted from "River Cottage Family Cookbook"
A version of spaghetti bolognese.
Instead of using tomato sauce from a tin or jar I used my roasted tomato sauce.
Perhaps I will post the recipe later, as I must pass GO and collect a son from school.

I also made bread pudding (BH & G Cookbook).  
Last Friday, I lunched in SF with a few friends at Patisserie Philippe, where we shared the most delish breakfast bread pudding,among other goodies.  
If you are in the Bay Area be sure to eat at this little bistro...
everything was so tasty and the patisserie smells heavenly.
Not to mention the logo is adorable.

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  1. You MUST post the recipe. We love our spaghetti here...always looking for variations.

    You should be a good photographer. Your photos could -- and should -- be in magazines.


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