afternoon snacks and one dirty dog

The perfect afternoon snack.
Ginger snap/pumpkin ice cream sandwiches.
Nope, I didn't make the cookies nor the ice cream just the sandwiches.
Super tasty.
Swing on by and I will make you one.

Yep, another dog photo.
Oh, Lucy!

Her afternoon treat was to roll around in the dirt until her clean (I bathed her on Tuesday), white coat was dingy, dirty and full of bits of dead grass.
Oh, joy.  Oh bliss.


  1. Well I'm happy to see that Lucy didn't eat up all the cookies and ice cream, which means I just might stop by and take you up on the offer.

    I bet John's in heaven now that Pumpkin ice cream is back on the shelves.

  2. Just look at that face, saying "who me?" What a darling pup, and yummy sandwiches, no doubt!


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