Our on the road to recovery cat, Jose.

So, you may be wondering where I have been.  
Oh, how I would love to tell you that I was overseas on an impromptu European Holiday, rather I have been at home learning that puppies are like newborns.
Lucy is a lot of work...although she does sleep a lot and you can put her in a crate!
Saturday morning as an awful experience. 
 I stayed up too late on Friday after a busy week of puppydom and Saturday started at 4:15 am when Lucy woke up and I took her out to pee.  When we came back in she started racing and sniffing wildly around our bedroom instead of returning to her crate.  I got my handy flashlight out to find out what was going on.
 Ack! Cat vomit.
The flashlight startles John awake...I look a bit like an intruder when startled awake in the dark early morning. 
 Finally I get Lucy in the cage, although by this time she is whimpering and crying because she wants at the cat vomit.  I head out to the kitchen to see if there was any feline bodily fluids.  
Alas, there was...approximately 12 places through put the house of blood laced vomit, hairballs and the such.  Our cat, Jose was clearly sick, this meant John needed to haul his butt out of bed to help clean up the mess, find the cat and figure out what was going on. 
 About 15 minutes or so into the madness, our beloved daughter peed her bed and needed a shower which in turn meant a load of laundry at 5 am.  
Basically, the dog would not calm down, the daughter would not fall back to sleep, the cat continued to vomit, the dad was grumpy and the son woke up due to the commotion and the mama was a walking zombie.  
Not a good morning.  But after a day of working at the hardware store, John taking Jose to the vet and an early bedtime I woke on Sunday with a renewed sense of life.  
This too shall pass.  Right?
True enough.


  1. Whoa.

    That's sounds like a day I've had a few times. Thank God for new mornings, eh?

  2. oh my goodness! that sounds awful! is everyone better? is jose ok?


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