Whelm, according to dictionary.com means to "flow or heap up abundantly".
That is the word of the day for this day in my life.
Especially the heap up part.
Now, I am not talking overwhelm, which means "bury or drown beneath a huge mass", because that sounds unbearable and my life is more than bearable.
  A good life.
There is just a fair bit of "heaping".
We are not into the school routine yet. 
 The home schedule is all wonky due to the fact there are extra-curricular activities, sunny days and good old "hang out at park all afternoon" outings.
  This, of course, results in late, haphazard dinners, followed by homework and somewhere in the mix we squeeze in piano practice and thank you letters.
My hours at home tend to be a hour here and an hour there,
 so I am accomplishing next to nothing.  
My to-do pile is heaping up abundantly.  
My inbox is flowing, gifts to be sewn and there are floors waiting to be mopped. 
 After supper tonight, I decided to add baking cookies and muffins to the mix.  
Will I ever learn to say no to the flow?
The days are busy and I don't mind,
 I just struggle to find the balance between 
letting kids be kids and raising responsible kids.  
Between chores and fun, friends and practice.
  The balance of being still and staying active. 
Between hearing my kids and listening to my heart. 
Family time versus homework time.
We are 3 weeks into the school year, hopefully in another week or two we will be in the groove...how likely is that? 
I am not drowning in life I am simply dealing with the abundant flow of life.

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  1. Ack! A post without pictures - you must be swamped with the goodness of life!


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