oh, there was labor.

What good is a labor day weekend without any labor?
Oh, we labored but only a wee bit here and there.
We, as a family, mostly hung out and enjoyed being home.
However, our compost pile was in desperate need of harvesting.
So, we found an empty trash can and retrieved our handy harvesting screen.
Shake it to the left and shake it to the right.

We do not have a "hot" compost pile, we use more of a "cold" compost method.
Our pile sits in the far corner of our backyard under a big tree.
A simple design consisting of chicken wire, metal flashing and stakes.
We add our kitchen scraps ( no dairy, bread or meat), garden cuttings, shredded personal papers and when we had farm animals we added their poop.
Every time we add to the pile we grab our handy pitchfork and give it a little twist.
Occasionally, we wet the pile down to drive the ants away.
Eventually, the pile becomes a mostly dirt with leftover fruit pits and twigs.
Then we harvest.

Resulting in wonderful black gold, the soil of kings.
The soil you pay oodles of money for at your local garden center.
How does your garden grow?
With homemade compost, I hope.
Oooo, we are so green.

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