My baby is 5.

My 5 year old.
In all her braided glory, thanks to Nan.
Delia is thrilled to be 5 and claims she is even taller now!
Let the week long festivities begin.

I made her a silhouette horse painting from Anna Maria Horner's tutorial on Martha.
We are in full "horse, cowgirl and wild wild west" theme around here...
the five year old is anyhow.

The finished piece.
A great project.
Check it out.
Let me see what you make.

Skeletons are a big theme these days too.
Dels is fascinated by bones.
Often is found "reading" her skeleton book.
She was indignant that Gymboree was selling pj's with the incorrect number of bones in the lower leg.  
"There are two bones down here not one!" she exclaimed.
So, Jude's gift to her was a highlight.
Her very own skeleton in her room.
More festivity posts to follow, as the "kid" party is tomorrow.
A gymnastic birthday party.
Tonight is a family party.


  1. Happy B-Day to you...Happy B-Day to you...Happy B-Day dear Delsey...Happy B-Day to you!
    Auntie Glenda, Kaitlin and Cody

  2. Yeah Delsey! Welcome to the big 5!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Dels!!! Brock was so excited to see that you were turning 5. He can't wait! Have a super day! Love, The Crew


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