In which I went to Napa

Yes, Napa, as in "If you're tired, you take a nap-a; you don't move to Napa...".
Anyone know that quote?
Think Big.

A midweek meal up in the wine country.
A lovely autumn evening in Yountville.

The bistro of choice.
The fabulously divine "Bistro Jeanty"
If you are in the area, you must swing by for a meal.
You will not be disappointed.
Unless, of course, you are in town dining at "The French Laundry".
In which case please invite me along!

The specials.

The view.
The evening.
We had two dinner options 6:30 or 8:15.
It was a school night and one can not ask the caregivers of ones children to stay until the wee hours of the morning , so, 6:30 it was.
A fine time to dine.

A starter of "terrine de lapin" with celery root salad.
Something new for my palate.
Delish, although I don't think I can eat rabbit too often...we had a pet rabbit.

Ta da!
The whole reason to eat at the bistro..."Creme de tomate en croute" which in English we say, "tomato soup in puff pastry".
Tomato cream-fat-filled goodness, flaky and memorable.
We ate here 2 years ago and I still remember my first taste of the soup.
Yes, I really do care about such things!

I opted for the special of the day...a spicy lamb sausage sandwich with frites.
There was a great deal of sampling amongst friends...a taste of boeuf, rognons de veau(veal kidneys) in a cream sauce, and porc.
Although, I am normally opposed to all things veal...those poor babies...I thought the dish was tasty...but I only needed a few bites.
Cappuccinos,rice pudding and chocolate mousse creme brulee
(top 5 for Rob, top 3 for Eddie and I'd say top 2 for me)...it was unbelievably tasty.
The local wine flowed, but not for yours truly.

For our anniversary this year I wanted to go to Bistro Jeanty, I'll call it good with the dining adventure of last evening.
A pre-anniversary meal with a bevy of fellas.
Eddie, Rob, me, my fella John, Charlie.
In which I drove home and stayed up half the night because I am too old to drink a cappuccino at 9 o'clock in the evening.


  1. Oh Nicole looks fabulous, I must come back Ü Those grapes would look awesome on the kitchen wall!

  2. My mouth is watering, really bad! What a delicious time!!
    And I love your shoes!

  3. The quote is from Sex and the CIty when Carrie finds out BIg is moving to Napa.


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