Happy Friday a day late!

I left a note on the kitchen table for my kiddos.

At approximately 6:31am I was handed this note.
"Yes." I muttered as I climbed out of bed.
Puffed pancake recipe found here.


  1. Ummm... I love your puffed pancake! Ü

  2. Seriously, your kids have good taste. That is my all time favorite breakfast, except around my house it is always called a Dutch Baby. I still ask my mom to make it when she comes to visit. A little lemon juice, powdered sugar, butter... perfection! Thanks the kids for the reminder, I'll make it tomorrow.

  3. 6:31 am huh? I can't follow recipes at that time in the morning.

  4. Those are so yummy! We call them baby german pancakes and my recipe has 1/2 c flour, 1/2 c milk and two eggs... of course a huge slab of butter in the pie plate to get all warm and bubbly before the batter is poured in!


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