crafty days

Delia is continuing her crafting endeavors.
The latest "Highlights" magazine arrived and before we even had a chance to read it she was busy creating paper candy corns and jack-o-lanterns.
We worked on the above leaf mobile together.
The original instructions called for dyed coffee filters and since I do not allow such a mess I opted for different colored and textured paper leaves.
Quite fetching hanging in the kitchen window...I had to remove last weeks snowflakes, which I personal thought were a wee bit premature.
Winter will be here soon enough....not snowflakes just rain and fog.

In the fine spirit of creating and for a turning 7 years old birthday celebration, I whipped up a kiddo size apron. I am quite proud of myself since I did not have a pattern and used an apron we had as an example.
I my opinion no apron is complete without a pocket and ric rac.

What have you been crafting?

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  1. Nothing - absolutely nothing! :(
    Unles maybe you count editing wedding photos Ü


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