a bit of this and a bit of that

I have Autumn fever!
Although, I am determined to wait until October before I start decorating.
We are in birthday mode this week so we will wait until that passes...Delia turns 5 on Friday!
There are a few little fall-ish things here and there.
Don't you just love the owls?
The fella on the left is a new little treasure. Oh, so wise.
Stay tuned for fall themed posts.

Craft fever is also in full force.
If only I could capture all those ideas in Delia's head...I could make a million dollars.
The above photo is a little glimpse into birthday mania.
Friday's party is a gymnastic theme, so we made "medals" for everyone.
My beloved sister said,"... like the Special Olympics since everyone is a winner."
I'll post birthday photos after the festivities.

A quick supper last night, made from the diminishing bounty of my garden.
Carrots, green onions tossed into a udon noodle soup.
I definitely need a bigger garden plot.
Oh, and a puppy!


  1. A puppy? Can we come and play?

    (yes, I am supposed to be at work...)

  2. I want a puppy...we don't have one but I want one!

  3. When you get your puppy can I dog sit while you are out of town?


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