8 years ago today

8 years ago today.
We were wed.
A joyous occasion in which we were surrounded by 37 of our nearest and dearest.

Our scanner refused to work for me today so please excuse the lame-o photography of 8 year old photos.
Capture the spirit of this post not the photography.

Here we are saying our vows and all that jazz.
You know the usual, promising to play catch, promising to laugh with one another and to love one another until death parts us.
And so on.

Truly, whom my soul loveth.
Beloved, here is to 52+ more years.
As a side note and because love is worth writing about.  
For our first anniversary we decided to have the inside of our wedding bands engraved with "love notes".
  We each chose something for the other but did not reveal our chosen words.
Secretly, we wrote our inscription on a piece of paper and slide it to the jeweler.  
Along with our words we included the date 9-29-00.
We both had 9 letters.
A week or so later when we picked up our rings we both wrote down what we thought the other person had engraved.  We swapped papers and looked at our rings.
  We knew each other so well that our guesses were correct.
Let's turn this into a trivia game!!
Does anyone know what is engraved in our wedding bands?
Hint: each ring is different.


  1. I know what one of them says, but I can't remember the other. I hate to ruin it for anyone else, so you'll just have to trust me. The one I remember is 2 words, 2 letters, then 7 letters. How's that for a clue?

  2. Happy Anniversary. I just thinking of you today as I was thinking it would be a beautiful day for a wedding in the mountains.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys get to go out if you need a babysitter we would be willing to lend a hand!!! 8 Years!!!! Hooray!!!

  4. Denise,
    You are on the right track!

  5. Well, based on Denise's clue, I'd say US FOREVER? Either that or something with scrabble? hahaha
    I was sad to miss the original day, as I was attending another in Costa Rica, but Chris was privileged to be there among the 37. May your love grow on for each other and for Jesus.

  6. Congratulations! (late I know)
    I have no idea what the rings might say and think my brain might explode if I had to think today.
    Beautiful photos!

  7. WOW and to think you just gave me the list I asked you for. I wanted to integrate it into my computer so I could KNOW things like I missed today because of not yet looking at the paper. SO belatedly HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love your blog about it and in retrospect, we're still so disappointed at not being able to make the actual event eight years ago. It can't be that long. We love you guys and hope it was a fabulous day.

  8. congratulations nicole and john! i remember the day with fondness. wow, it seems like a life time ago. it's been lovely to see your marriage and love unfold.
    jenn D

  9. I GIVE UP! Whats the answer! I remember the story but not what the actual inscriptions say... Oh, and congrats!! I also wish for you 52+ more years! Missing you all...


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