Where does the time go?

A couple days ago, John and I were able to escape the laziness and go on a "day date", we meandered through the thrift shop, a little local " department store", Coombs, lunched on halibut and chips and ended up at McLean Mill.
A heritage site with actors reenacting the 1920's era of a working mill.
Interesting. Informative and who can complain about a date with your husband.

A sampling of old trucks in the garage. Story has it that the mill was in full operation and one day (DEc 15, 1965 ??) 1/2 hour before quitting time the bosses posted a note that all operations would cease that evening. Then and there everyone up and left the mill. Shut it down for good. Walked away. Many things have been left as they were, somethings restored, and the mill itself operates as a demonstration.

Part of date day included hat purchases.

We are stylin'.

We are groovin'.


  1. How strange about the mill! I wonder what happened. It is neat that they run it as a museum.

    I love the hats!

  2. You guys look like some serious hipsters. I totally approve of the purchase.


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