still on vacation

One of the many things I enjoy about life on Vancouver island is the signage.
I love the adorable roadside signs...I want a sign just like that when I have my farm.
Then there are other signs...

...restaurants that serve Chinese food twice a month.
You know you are in a small town, when.

The same cafe also had this sign in the "washroom" (Canadian for restroom!).

Hmm...makes you wonder.

Our vacation is quickly coming to an end, we head home on Friday.

The 2 weeks have flown past at an alarming speed.

Some highlights:

  • Delia has conquered biking riding sans training wheels...stopping is still a bit tricky but perhaps at home on her own bike.
  • Jude's skin has darken several shades due to the many many hours at the beach.
  • We have discovered a new ice cream treat...strawberry ice cream mixed with milk and then topped with ginger ale...compliments of Nate the Great.
  • Wildlife spotted: eagle, raccoons, snake, heron, jellyfish, halibut, rabbit, deer, owl, crabs, sand dollars and so on.
  • Average number of daily treats, candy, dessert or special surprises= 3

Olympics have become part of daily life...watching, reading, talking, coloring and vocabulary.

This is a sample of Jude's list...vertical list of sports watched and country abbreviations.
Gotta go, men's gymnastic finals are on the telly.

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  1. Oh, it sounds like you guys are having such a fabulous trip N! What memories!

    Way to go on the bike riding Dels! Jude your journaling is fabulous!


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