slow food mania







Slow food mania has hit SF hard and I joined in the fun.  
Went to the farmer's market.  
Ate  "slow food to go" (lemongrass pork with noodles). 
Cruised the victory garden.
Joined the movement...sorta.
Listened to a panel on re-localizing food.
Sampled honey.
Now, I aiming to eat more locally and dreaming of a bigger garden plot.

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  1. I know this is totally off topic for this post, but I just found your blog through "It's the Little Things" and wanted to say - KEEP IT UP!

    I'm a deaf young adult whose mother struggled for years to get adequate accommodations through the public school system for me.

    It made a world of difference. I retained what very little hearing and was able to continue to communicate with speech, lipreading, hearing aids, and signing (in the days before cochlear implants).

    Now that I have my own miracle son, I can more fully appreciate what she did for me. Don't give up - you're the best and most important advocate your kids will have :)


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