olympic fever

We are in the midst of Olympic fever around here...okay, perhaps fever is an embellishment but we are enjoying watching the events on television, tracking medal counts on the web and learning new vocabulary.
The Olympic book has come in handy.
Did you see the opening ceremonies?
They were amazingly beautiful.
Check out this article and accompanying photos in the Boston Globe
(where the above photo was found).
In the past I did not care so much about the Olympic games but Beijing 2008 is a whole new ball of wax...I think it is the kid card...I want to teach and inspire my kids.
I want them to see good sportsmanship,learn about different sports and be inspired by athletic greatness.
Not such a bad thing, is it?
I will say, I admire the parents of Olympians. I am pretty sure I couldn't make the sacrfices they have made.
Go for the gold!
A great Olympic link.

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