no tears

The first day of school. 
 The first day of first grade.
The first day of kindergarten.

Oh, the love.
Oh, the excitement.
Oh, the peace.

My family in their school uniforms.
Yes, public school.
I didn't even cry. 
 Not a tear.

ack! What is going on with the alignment of the text. I need to learn Html or get a great editor! Help!


  1. What great photos!

    As for alignment, did you try highlighting everything and selecting center?

  2. Oh my goodness, I long for the days when I wore a uniform, all 10 years. Can I just get a bigger size of Cordelia's uniform and wear it everyday to work? It's so darn cute. I'd even bust out the knee-highs and the mary-janes.

    Happy learning & teaching!

  3. Where did Jude get his height????? Kassia and Caleb start next week. (Canada schedule!) Sadly, no uniforms yet at their school.

  4. Love the photo's and Deli's shoes, adorable!

  5. Not a tear? Nicole, I am proud. Just this summer I cried over the fact that in 20+ years I will more than likely face the reality that I will have to share Zach with another woman!
    Hope you are all well.


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