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A moment in time and a photo taken months ago, but as you know I strongly dislike posting without a photo.
A couple things are rumbling through my mind and I'll kick off with this amazing new blog and operation I discovered...Operation Nice.
Did you notice the badge? Check it out.
I promise you will not be disappointed.
Speaking of kindness in a more random sense, tonight was kindergarten orientation.
Yes, my baby is a kindergartner, but let's not dwell on that, that will be fodder for a post next week. Parents, kindergartners, siblings, and teachers together, collecting the final details about K and school starting on Tuesday...yikes the summer is nearly over.
The kids are nervous because it is a new place with new people, the parents are looking around wondering who their new friends will be and teachers are eyeing the kids in their class.
So exciting.
Delia was making eyes at a little girl across the aisle...they were wearing matching rhinestone encrusted flip flops and matching school tees.
Instant friends...they both are tiny little things with similar hair color and cut and as it turned out they were born a day apart.
Later, when the parents met, we became instant-ish friends as it turns out we have friends in common and both families are a big part of the community. A small world, ever shrinking.
As for Jude, he told me later it was a "boring meeting except for the food", spoken like a wise old first grader. Yeah...I am the mom of a kindergarten child and a first grader (grade one student).
On another unrelated note...food. I am back on the culinary wagon now that reality has set in and vacation is over. Cooking and baking along the lines bread, muffins, yogurt, soup and tonight the best ragu I have ever made. John claims it made his top 200 list...yes he has a top 200 list. A mushroom ragu with spaghetti, compliments of Alice Waters via Simple Food. Yummy.

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