camp life part 2

The hour is late and the frenzy of the past day has caught up with me...I am desperate for my pillow, for tomorrow will dawn far too early.
I wanted to post a few photos before I dash off to Canada, at sometime in the future I will upload the camping shots to Picasa...just not tonight.

A park ranger "scaring" off a bear...not a successful venture.

The janky fire pit from our first campsite...we switched after our first night to a stellar and more spacious site close to the river...well worth a morning of waiting.

The yummy trout dinner...one of the fish were caught on a pink "Barbie" rod.

Go figure. Dels first catch... EVER!

Alpine lupine.

On this amazing hike, known as the "hanging gardens" we encountered fields and fields of alpine wildflowers.

Truly, God's color palette. Such beauty.

Ah, a visitor center and to the kids that means "gift shop"!

Daddy in the eyes of Delia. A child's perspective.

Brotherly love or something of the sort.

The wild, wild west ghost town of Bodie.
A quick side note...something is wonky with my layout and I am not html savvy and it is very late...forgive my laziness..I beg you.


  1. Wow, those fish look delicious. Way to go Delia!

  2. Ways to go Dels, your fish is awesome! Maybe we should get Cody a Barbie fishing rod, whatcha think? Ü


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