camp life part 1

We arrived home last evening around 7 pm from a week ( 6 day, 5 night) camping expedition to Tuolumne Meadows in the Sierras.

A quick turn around as tomorrow at 7 am we will leave home for part 2 of summer vacation...north to Vancouver Island to visit Nan & Papoo.

A 36 hour turn around to laundry heaps of smelly laundry, pack up camping gear in the attic and re-pack for airplane travel.

Oh, and we will be attending a 40th wedding anniversary party tonight as well.


I feel a bit frantic but it is self inflicted.

We spent the week enjoying campfires, swimming in the river, fishing, hiking, relaxing and playing oodles and oodles of Sequence.

We hiked new trails (Hanging Garden and Soda Springs), saw new sights (Mono Lake and Bodie), and learned (Judah has an extensive list in his notebook...yes, I am that kinda parent) new vocabulary (crepuscular, brine shrimp and tufa).


And for those of you who are "Ramona" (Beverly Cleary) fans...

"My father was a poor woodcutter."

The week started out a bit rough, what with the huge fires outside of Yosemite, in fact, on Sunday when we arrived the smoke was thick and it was hard to breathe. By the time we reached our campground the smoke was less thick.
As we pulled into the campground, I spotted a bear, followed by a ranger with a large gun and another ranger on a horse. That was our only bear sighting but that was sufficent for me. Apparently, a bear was spotted around the campground all week but we never saw him...although we did hear the rangers attempting to scare him off. Such excitement!
Ways to tell you depend too much on the world wide web:
  1. There are 173 posts on your Google reader
  2. The inbox has far too many emails to respond to
  3. You ponder how you can edit your 500+ photos and create clever posts in your 36 hour turn around time

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  1. Can you stop for coffee at my house? I'm only 10 minutes of the freeway! Or can I meet you guys somewhere for a few short minutes? I've never met the kids!


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