100's of 100's

The accumulation of today's mini-island-adventure ended in a local brewpub, complete with brews and shared appetizers, in a mad frenzy to create individual list of top 100 movies.

The top 100 according to each of us.

Without the modern inventions of a laptop, iphone or google we shared ideas, asked numerous questions and came up with 4 lists.


The list of characters:

John, the driver of today's adventure and, perhaps. the man behind the "Let's make the list" madness. He prefers the ability to research imbd and type directly unto an excel spreadsheet. His list included a cast-off-maybe section...and now he will be in pursuit of the perfect list, alphabetized no doubt.

Ah, sister Sara, the queen of all lists (and of excel). The list maker extraordinaire.

Lists of lists and lists within lists. Books of lists and lists of books.

Stop her next time you see her and ask her to see a list she has going in her notebook, computer, fridge, bedside table or handbag. Trust me, there will be a list, if not two. She supplied the notepaper for our handwritten list and the printout of an official list of top 100 movies.

The inspiration.

Wendy, the queen of movies...her head is full of movie trivia, quotes, names, actors and the such. Amazing that noggin of hers.
The table erupted with laughter many times, as we all remembered another top 100 favorite.
Yours truly... Now, I love lists as much as the next person, but recalling movies and coming up with a movie list is slightly more challenging.
Here's a sampling of my list:
  1. Wild Hearts Can't be Broken
  2. Amelie
  3. Jerry Maguire
  4. Princess Bride
  5. Untamed Heart
  6. Fried Green Tomatoes
  7. Miss Potter
  8. Return to Me
  9. Power of One
  10. Say Anything

I see this random sampling includes a lot of romantic comedies...oh well, that is my tendency.


Speaking of movies, tonight, we rented and watched "Bella".

A new-to-me movie to add to my top 100 list, in fact probably top 10, if I had one. The movie was as good as the reviews and recommendations. I had not seen the trailers so I had very few expectations.

A story of redemption and love in an unconventional way (not a sappy Hollywood love story).

A story that does not "dumb down" the audience.

A story that resonates in one's soul.

If you have yet to see Bella, hightail-it to your local video store or add it to your netflix queue.


  1. Miss you guys- love the pics and the updates from up north

  2. From this little sampling of your movie taste, I highly recommend the recent indie flick 'The Fall'. It's amazing. I'm pretty sure all of your siblings would really enjoy it, too.


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