Happy 08-08-08!
Today the Olympics begin...officially.
I have been searching high and low for a good book for kids on the Olympics but apparently educating our children on such a matter is of no interest to most. There are many memoirs and biographies on Olympians but I can not seem to find a general knowledge book.
edit: I found a great DK Olympic book at a big bookstore chain...I shall eat my words.
So, our "teaching" tools for the next 2 week segment of homeschooling will be the great big www, Sports Illustrated magazine, Time magazine and when we return home a big city newspaper. Pretend home school that is.
I see illustrations and vocab lists in my children's future. Perhaps.
The summer lazy bug has bitten me hard and I can barely lift a finger. Which goes to prove the theory "a thing in motion stays in motion" because when I cease motion I slug right along.
I don't do much of anything...I eat, I surf, I read, I repeat.

Okay, I did go thrifting a couple times (my folks live near an amazing and cheap thrift store), walked for exercise, spent the day with John and played a few games with the fam. I am project-less for the most part. I suppose I could enter the missing numbers in my cellphone but who has time for that! I could create a rough "plan" for a future business or paint a bit but nah. I like this lazy bit for I know in about a week the frenzy will resume in full swing.

The kids are running wild, enjoying the many freedoms of island life: helping Papoo take deadheaded flowers to the compost pile, creating paper lanterns, having school with Auntie Wendy, sweet talking the grandparents into ice cream treats and game upon game of sequence.

Jude is a true water baby, thus the daily trek (5 minute walk) to the beach and as it turns out he will befriend any dog (willing dog and owner) on the beach in order to play fetch.
Maybe there will be a dog in our future. I hope.

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  1. What a beautiful view they have in their area. I wonder where we are looking from our area. Maybe from the other side? I don't know! :) We really mean to come visit some time.


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