Saturday sewing

This is what our ghetto TV cabinet looked like on Saturday, about 1 hour before dinner guests.

The first door broke a couple years ago and we ghetto glued it with "gorilla glue", which left a big foamy glue streak down the front...tacky but livable.

New TV stands are waaaaaaaaaaay down on the "to-get-for-the-home" list.

Last week the other door broke off in 2 pieces...lovely. So we took both doors off.

Although, I had attempted months ago to control the chaos of our DVD/video gaming family (see plastic basket attempt) it didn't quite make the Pottery Barn catalogue cut! New baskets are not in the summer budget either.

Now you have to remember I am a fairly impulsive (understatement) shopper and would have loved to go out a buy a new stand and baskets. However, I, upon my thrifty husband's suggestion, decided to instigate the "use-what-you-have" school of thought and pulled out my large fabric stash and stitched up a little curtain to cover the madness.


Usually I use a pattern, thus the obvious mistake...I didn't quite make the curtains wide enough to get an appropriate gathered hang.

Fixable I am sure, perhaps I will add a nice big polka-dot print fabric to the edges to give the green birds a pop and to add width...make it look less country and a little more modern...I hope.

I'll just tack it on to my never ending to-do list. Although I must say I whipped this project up in less than an hour and only one guest (out of 3) had to witness the madness.

Talk about last minute...all for the sake of appearing pulled together!

Teeny tiny birdies...subtle.


  1. Yeah for home-made fixes, your hubby must be so proud Ü

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